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Blysster Press / Crypticon Seattle Writing Contest

May 20, 2023

Blysster Press has been proudly running the yearly writing contest for Crypticon Seattle since 2011! In our continuing effort to bring great books into the world and to help authors of all skill levels learn and grow, we’ve put a lot of time and love into making this contest accessible and fun. Each year’s contest results in a beautiful, unique anthology of the top stories, and winners are given awesome prizes. The most coveted prizes, of course, are the publishing offer, editing package worth $500, and the cash, but we work hard to provide other cool goodies, too.

Registration form for the Blysster Press and Crypticon Seattle writing contest: Register Here

Rules and Details*

*Deadline is March 1, 2023
*All entrants must be 18 or older.
*Entries must not have been published anywhere else and must contain ONLY original content (sorry, no screenplays at this time).
*Entries submitted without the entry fee will be rejected. No refunds on entry fees. (You will be taken to the payment page after you submit this form).
*There are two entry options (selected on the payment page AFTER you submit this form). “Writing Contest Entry” is the basic entry fee for $10–your piece will be read and scored by the judges, but you will only receive feedback if your story is selected for the finals. If you would like feedback from our Editor-In-Chief whether you are selected as a finalist or not, you may choose the “Writing Contest and Feedback” option for $30. Your piece will be read and scored by the judges, but you will also receive up to 3 emails from our Editor-In-Chief with valuable feedback, edits, and tips. More details on the payment page. BOTH entry options have the same chance of winning. Stories are blind judged and scored.
*Enter as many times as you wish! Each entry MUST have a separate application and entry fee.
*The awards ceremony takes place at Crypticon Seattle. In order to attend the awards ceremony, entrants must purchase a pass to Crypticon Seattle (the year they are entering the contest). If you do not purchase a pass, you can not be admitted to the awards ceremony (but you still have the same chance of winning even if you do not have a pass for the convention).
*Electronic entries and payment only.
*By submitting this form, I grant Blysster Press non-exclusive worldwide rights to publish my story. I understand that Blysster Press will contact me in the event that my story is chosen as a winner or an honorable mention, and at that time, I may rescind my permission for worldwide non-exclusive publication rights, but if I rescind I will lose my winner or honorable mention status.
*By submitting this form, I understand that I will be taken to a page where I must add the entry fee to a shopping cart and pay the entry fee to complete my application. I understand there are no refunds.
*I understand and agree to the rules stated on the Crypticon Seattle and/or the Blysster Press contest page. Story length should be between 500 and 2,500 words though slightly shorter or longer entries may still be considered.
*If you have any questions or concerns or do not agree to these contest terms, do NOT submit this form. Feel free to contact us at support@blysster.com for any questions.

Event Location:


Northwest Ballroom 1