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Crypticon Seattle 2023 / Matt Shaw SCAVENGER HUNT*

May 19 - May 21

Crypticon Seattle 2023 / Matt Shaw SCAVENGER HUNT*

Fan Favorite Matt Shaw, award winning author of over 200 stories, will be introducing his exclusive novel  Crypticon Seattle: One Hell of a Show. This novel, while a work of fiction, is set at our very own convention!!


  1. Purchase novel at Matt Shaw’s booth then present the purchased novel at our Information Booth located at in the registration area.
  2. Pick up a bookmark with a list of Crypticon Seattle personnel whose names are common with character names in the novel.
  3. Locate each character and have them validate your bookmark and be entered to win a prize. The attendee with the most validations will win a prize. If there are multiple entries that identify all the characters we will have a drawing to determine the winner.

Contest runs from Friday when the Vendor hall opens through Saturday night at 10:00 pm. Turn in your bookmarks by 11:00 am Sunday. Winner will be announced at 1:00 pm Sunday.

*Purchase of Matt Shaw novel Crypticon Seattle: One Hell of a Show is required to participate in the Scavenger Hunt

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