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May 21 @ 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm




Greetings movie makers!  Have a seat. It’s time to make your Horror Movie Dream Team. The Scariest Things Studio has arranged a select group of directors, actors, and specialists for you to pick from, including Oscar winners and cult favorites. By participating in this event, you will be competing against other producing teams of up to four people, to select from this extensive pool of talent and ideas and create something really fun and scary for audiences. But know this, once a selection is made, that pick is no longer available, so think ahead, and pick wisely. The selections will be made in the form of a snake draft, and each team will have a limited amount of time to make their selections.  Beware, if you don’t make your selection on time, you may be subjected to accept a theme or a difficult actor that you were not expecting!

Once all of your selections have been made, you will name and prepare a greenlight pitch verbal presentation about your movie to the Studio, where one lucky production will be green-lit for production (and a trophy with prizes!)

The winning formula will be based on:

  • Originality and creativity of the story. (Score 1-8)
  • How good was the trailer pitch? Was it convincing (Score 1-8)
  • Does the movie sound really scary? (Score 1-8)
  • Does the movie sound like it will be a lot of fun? (Score 1-8)
  • Bonus points accumulated during the draft. (Score 1-8)

Enough chat!  Let’s get picking!

This event is for Paid Crypticon Seattle Ticketed Attendees

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/Zj9wVvUH4AFWg8XV8


Event Location:


Cascade 9