Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest

The Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest

Are you an artist? Looking to compete? Click Here for rules and contest application!

_MG_0146The Makeup contest is 5 artists competing before a live audience at the convention. All 5 artists have access to a sponsor’s professional stage makeup kit along with a limited supply of items from the contest pantry. 1 hour prior to the contest our competitors receive a briefing of the competition as well as the theme for this years contest. At the end of two hours, their creations will be judged by a panel of industry professionals on technique, design, artistic creativity and originality, and adherence to theme.

Our past winners include Dutch Bihary, of Game Show Network’s hit series “Skin Wars”, Kenneth Calhoun – a professional artist working under Emmy Award winning Brian Sipe, and up and coming winner of 2014, Erik Albidress.

The road to the contest starts in 2014 when we open our entries and work with our sponsors for prize offerings. We accept entries up to the cutoff on April 5th, 2015. At this time we will tally our entries and if necessary, conduct an elimination round at a local sponsor. Finally, the final 5 will compete at the convention. Our prizes in the past have included a year subscription to Stan Winston School’s makeup program, a professional makeup kit from a local sponsor , and a year digital subscription to Makeup Artist Magazine.