Code of Conduct

MAY 2nd - 4th 2025

Crypticon Seattle strive to always be safe a event for everyone! If you plan on attending Crypticon Seattle, please read and understand the Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct is for all Crypticon Seattle convention members. It is to help ensure that the behavior of one individual does not disturb the rest of the members. It applies to all events that are related to Crypticon Seattle. Everyone is encouraged to read this Code and ask questions if something is not clear.

Crypticon Seattle is prepared to deal with any violations of the code. We will endeavor to respond as fast as we can within the law. If all attendees, guests, staff, and others work together, we can make Crypticon Seattle a safe and fun space for all.

Crypticon Seattle reserves the right to eject any individual at any time from Crypticon Seattle. No refunds will be provided.

Failure to adhere to the code of conduct may result in:

  1. Mediation by the Convention Staff and, as needed, the hotel staff, talking to all parties involved in an incident
  2. Verbal warnings
  3. Turning the individual over to hotel/convention center staff/security
  4. Ejection from Crypticon Seattle
  5. Contacting local law enforcement

BADGES: Crypticon Seattle badges/identifiers must be worn at all time by all members and staff. A badge is only valid for the individual to whom it was issued. Badges may not be shared. Crypticon Seattle requires that all individuals 12 and over have membership badges for the convention and that they are clearly visible by being worn above the waist when at Crypticon Seattle.

PERSONAL INTERACTION: We ask that you respect others so that everyone is comfortable and feels safe at Crypticon Seattle conventions and events.

  1. Harassment will not be tolerated and is a violation of the code of conduct.
  2. If someone asks you to leave them alone or tells you no, stop and walk away immediately. There is no reason for you to have any further interaction with them.
  3. Discrimination of any sort is not tolerated and is a violation of the code of conduct.
  4. Discrimination is not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical/mental disability.
  5. If you feel that you have been harassed or discriminated against:

Tell the individual that their behavior is inappropriate.

If you do not feel comfortable talking with the individuals involved, or if talking to them once does not work, please immediately report the situation to any Crypticon Seattle committee or staff member. If possible, provide a name and a physical description of the person or persons involved.

Please keep in mind that unless an incident is reported, nothing can be done.

HOTEL INTERACTIONS: Follow any and all rules set by the hotel.

SMOKING: The State of Washington does not allow smoking in any public buildings, including hotels, restaurants, or the convention center.

PETS: Only service animals are allowed in hotel and convention function spaces.


  1. Regardless of any government permits, no actual weapon or item that can be mistaken for a weapon may be carried (openly or concealed) on properties being used for Crypticon Seattle at any time, unless it has been peace bonded. If a member wishes to carry such a weapon, it must be presented to Convention Operations upon entry to Crypticon Seattle. The Convention staff is the final arbiter of what weapons require peace bonding, or if a particular weapon is prohibited. If anyone is unsure what is realistic, the Convention will be happy to check it.
  2. Any actual weapon or item that can be mistaken for a weapon that is purchased in the dealer room must be wrapped and immediately transported to a hotel room or vehicle. If the purchaser wishes to use the item during the convention, see rules above.
  3. If an actual weapon or item that can be mistaken for a weapon is part of a masquerade costume or cosplay, it must be transported to and from the costume event wrapped securely unless it is peace bonded. The costume event director must approve of any weapons used in the costume event. Live steel is prohibited. The Convention is the final arbiter of what is considered live steel. Any weapon (actual, realistic or toy) that is utilized in a threatening or harmful manner is a violation of the code of conduct.


  1. Crypticon Seattle convention-goers should be aware that photographs, video and audio recordings occur during the convention, and that their likenesses may appear in these recordings. Attendees and members agree to assign without compensation the use of their likenesses for the use of promotional material.
  2. Crypticon Seattle welcomes members of the press to all events. All journalists, media photographers and any other members of the press are required to display an official Crypticon Seattle Press Badge.
  3. Members should be polite and ask before taking photographs or recordings of members and attendees whenever possible. Photography and audio/video recordings for personal archival use are generally acceptable unless an individual makes it clear that they do not wish to be photographed or recorded, in which case it becomes expressly forbidden.
  4. The usage of photographic or recording devices is prohibited in certain areas of the convention. Where allowed, please take photographs before or after a program event to avoid distracting panelists and audience members.

SALES OF MERCHANDISE: The offering for sale of any merchandise may only occur in designated areas with the permission of Crypticon Seattle.

Crypticon Seattle reserves the right to amend the code of conduct at any time without prior or posted notice and reserves the sole right of interpretation. The rules stated above are not all-inclusive.

Any action or behavior that is illegal, unsafe, or causes significant interference with convention operations, excessive discomfort to members, or adversely affects Crypticon Seattle’s relationship with its guests, the venue, or the public is strictly forbidden.