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Crypticon Seattle Costume Contest

May 20 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Crypticon Seattle is proud to be the 2023 Costume contest sponsor.
Entry to the costume contest is free with your Crypticon Seattle badge.


1st place: Trophy + CrypticonSeattle Tote bag + 2 Crypticon Seattle Weekend Pass for the following year ( 2024).
2nd place: 2 WasabiCon PDX Weekend Passes  for July 20 30, 2023 in Portland OR.(2023) + CrypticonSeattle Tote bag
3rd place: 1 Crypticon Seattle Weekend Pass for the following year. ( 2024) + CrypticonSeattle Tote bag


All contest entrants will register for the contest at the CrypticonSeattle information booth no later than 5:00 PM Saturday May 20th. No one will be permitted to participate unless they have checked in by the deadline. Instructions for the “form up” area will be provided at time of registration.

The Top 3 contestants will be determined by audience participation (applause ). CrypticonSeattle will provide a Judge to assign 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place positions from these Top 3 contestants.


Entrants will follow instructions as given by the Contest MC. Failure to follow instructions will result in dis-qualification.


Public decency will be observed, nudity will not be allowed. No costume is not a costume.

No live steel, fire, explosives, firearms, or ammunition. Any weapons, projectile or bladed, must be non-functioning and rendered un-fireable. While we will not be peace bonding weapons, you will be expected to use good judgment and not wield them in an offensive manner. Any weapons being used in an offensive manner may be subject to confiscation by convention or hotel security, or law enforcement.

Conduct, no yelling obscenities into the crowd, no jumping off the stage.

Event Location:


Northwest Ballroom 3