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Custom Art Work by Arreah Bihary

May 3 - May 5



Two women adorned with face paint are seen embracing one another, beautifully displaying a makeup demonstration by Abby Hartung.CLASSES_CONVENTIONS | Education, Classes, Commissions (contoursfx.com)

In a shared booth with her sister Zayda Bihary, Arreah will be displaying her art on a screen as she creates it live. She will take commissions and requests at the booth where convention attendees can request artwork and hand drawn buttons and pick them up during convention hours. Attendees will get to see their art made right in front of them. In addition, she will be selling the usual artist alley wares: stickers and prints and buttons oh my. Zayda Bihary will also be selling her custom bleach t-shirts from the same booth.

CLASSES_CONVENTIONS | Education, Classes, Commissions (contoursfx.com)

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