2014′s Makeup Contest

The 2014 Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest

Submissions for 2014 are closed.

Five Artists will have 2 hours to create their best FX horror make-up using ONLY the provided materials on a provided model assigned by the event organizer.

Makeup creation will take place in a room open to the public and contest volunteers and judges will be on hand to observe and answer questions. Crypticon will provide the same items in a makeup kit supplied by the Nightmare at Beaver Lake for each artist for use. Additional items will be available on a first come, first served basis from the PNTA Makeup Pantry. The contest will also be filmed for presentation on Cryptic TV.

Final decisions will be will be delivered live by judges in the Vendor area of the convention. Prize presentation will follow immediately and the winner may be eligible to compete against others in a national competition the following year.

Stan Winston School of Character Arts is proud to present a SWSCA gift package to the winner of the 2014 Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest.

  • An all-access 1 year subscription to the Stan Winston School, includes unlimited online training tutorials by The Masters of FX, with new lessons added every month.
  • 12 physical DVDs of their choice from the Stan Winston School monster making library.
  • The “Stan Winston Studio – Behind-the-Scenes Volume 1″ video, which offers a rare glimpse inside the legendary workshop that created some of the most iconic creatures and characters in movie history, including the Predator, Terminator, Alien Queen, Iron Man and the Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park.
  • All finalists competing at the convention will also receive a 1 year digital subscription to Make-up Artist Magazine

    The organizers may choose to hold an intermediary “qualifying event” (announced only to entrants) to determine the finalists competing at the convention.

    Judges for 2014:

    Roy Wooley

    Roy’s Bio

    Roy is a highly skilled and creative Special Effects Makeup Artist with more than twenty years of experience. He is extremely proficient in design, creation and execution of a multitude of special effects makeups and props.Roy was featured as a contestant in Season 3 of Syfy’s Makeup reality show, Face Off. Roy returned to Face Off in season 5, Veterans versus Rookies, and was as a runner up in an extremely tight race with 2 other very talented Face Off contestants.

    Lanny Brown

    Lanny’s Bio

    Lanny Brown is a 24 year old makeup artist and horror enthusiast and the winner of the 2013 Crypticon Seattle Makeup Contest. He grew up in a tiny town called Corunna in Ontario, Canada. Due to the lack of anything fun within a 50 mile radius he used horror movies and creating cheesy effects to occupy his time. At the tender age of 20, he flew from his home town to Vancouver, BC, where he attended a well known facility for teaching both beauty makeup and special effects. With the fine tuning he received from the school to turn my cheesy effects into something a little more realistic, he’s been working non stop to create a career out of the things he loves most: Blood, Guts, Gore, and Monsters.


    • The Submission deadline was April 2, 2014. Late entries are not being accepted.
    • All valid entries received before the deadline will be considered by judges. Only 5 entries will pass the primary round to compete at the convention.
    • Finalists must be available to participate in the contest on Sat., May 24. Time details will be announced later.
    • Finalists must check in on Sat. May 24 by 1 p.m. at registration with the organizer. Failure to check in will result in disqualification as a NO SHOW.
    • A model will be provided for the contest. Artist and model should be aware that this process will take several hours and clothing may be soiled, distressed, and bloodied. Crypticon will provide t-shirts to each model.
    • Finalists will be given a sponsor supplied makeup kit for use, with some additional items available on a first come, first serve basis. The kit will be returned to the sponsor following the competition.
    • Finalists will NOT be allowed to use personal makeup items (colors, brushes, effects, accessories, etc) in their creation.
    • Finalists will have 120 minutes to create their best FX Horror effect on their model. The contest will be held in an area in full view of the public.
    • Judging and feedback will take place on the main stage in the Vendor area.
    • NO trademarked or licensed characters may be reproduced.
    • The judging categories are Adherence to Theme, Artistic Technique, and Technical Proficiency with points for Creativity and Originality.
    • The decisions of the contest judges are final.


    Stan Winston
    Make-up Artist Magazine